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The department offers holistic art education to nurture talents with expertise on various contents and forms of contemporary art who will participate and contribute to the development of art. The openness and creativity of contemporary art will be converged to the current curriculum, which is based on the visual art genre, to cultivate experts that will lead the future of Korea's art sector, thereby contributing to cultural development for the pubic, local community, nation, and the humankind.

Grade Subject

1st grade

Studies on Drawing / History of Western Painting(1) / Drawing(1) / Basic Painting(1) / Oriental ink Painting(1)

Three Dimensional Formation / History of Western Painting(2) / Drawing(2) / Basic Painting(2) / Oriental ink Painting(2)
2nd grade

Expression Method / Aesthetic Anatomy / Figure Painting(1) / Painting(1) / Printmaking(1)

History of Oriental Painting / Figure Painting(2) / Painting(2) / Printmaking(2) / Material and Techniques
3rd grade

Theories of Contemporary Painting / Creative Painting(1) / Seminar on Creative Activity / Studies on Body Figure / Computer Painting

Aesthetics / Creative Painting(2) / Creative Photography / Digital image Painting
4th grade

History of Korean Painting / Creative Practice(1) / Painting Practice(1)

Fine Arts Criticism / Creative Practice(2) / Painting Practice(2)
Western Painting major
Chung-Ang University


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