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The goals of this department are phased: in the basic courses, the students are taught on the basic theories of line art as well as on the human culture, and then, are aided in developing their potential as artists; in the advanced course, the students are educated to study and understand the fine art genres being diversified rapidly, while learning about the professional knowledge helpful to their activities in the fields of arts and culture

The ultimate goal lies in bringing up the artists who will conduce to region, state and mankind at large.

To this end, theories and practices ard properly combined in the curriculum, while the students are encouraged to engage themselves in discussion and research in a creative way.


In the basic training course of th major, the students are engaged in such basic drills as sketch, drawing, primary painting, 3D forms and techniques of expression to improve their ability to observe the objects and express their observation as well as understand the principles of the art forms.

In the advanced training course of the major, the students are engaged in creative practicing and seminars, while being educated on such hi-tec art genres as computer painting, video painting and photography. On the other hand, in the theory course of the major, the students are taught on history of fine art, theories of visual arts media, anatomy of fine art, contemporary painting theories, criticism of fine art, and the like.

Ultimately, the students are expected to enhance their ability to produce and interpret the art works through their active discussions from a critical perspective.


The graduates from this department have been active in diverse fields beyond artists; museum curators, fine art educators, art critics, policy-makers for culture, arts administrators, computer graphic artists.

Furthermore, many of our graduates have been working for broadcasting companies, various art management companies and even business companies.
Some of our graduates continue to study in foreign countries or reside in domestic and foreign art studios or advance to our graduate school to conduct an in-depth research into art works.

Western Painting major
Chung-Ang University


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