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Greeting of Western painting

As an artist representing Korea, We contribute to the internationalization of Korean art.

Founded in 1956 with the Department of Fine Arts and Arts at the University of Central, the Western Department of Fine Arts and Fine Arts at the University is responsible for the development of contemporary art in the field of visual arts and the development of contemporary art in the context of an open and creative concept

The education ideology of Western painting majors is to learn various contents of modern art, form, and human resources that rapidly become comprehensive art education after the cultural process and basic status in the lower grades.

Furthermore, the company aims to foster human resources with the expertise to lead the Korean art world and contribute to the development of individual, local communities, the nation, and human culture.

In western painting majors, the distinctions of genres are lost amid the rapidly changing visual environment of the times, and the general flow of contemporary art in which media mix is generalized and accelerated, and each individual's creative field is established with a diverse range of creativity. Therefore, as a special art theory and practice, we can foster creative ability and material as a special curriculum development and specialized education, and we can also expand our understanding and understanding of Korean traditional art culture as an important part of our efforts.

In addition, through the curriculum of practical arts, such as drawing, photography, and stereotype, and liberal arts, POSCO E&C develops the thinking ability of individuals and the ability to create a comprehensive creativity in art in general. Furthermore, through various experiments and research in the deepening of my major, I understand the rapidly changing art patterns of the modern times, develop a critical view of my work, and have the necessary independent and creative ability of an artist. In addition to regular learning subjects, we also offer training courses as a preliminary writer through individual competitions, Club Group-Presentation, Outdoor Sketch, Graduation Product Profession, Invited Seminar, and onsite learning.

A future-oriented curriculum

Integrative with the flow of cultural art, theoretical and practical education of various curriculum is possible to move into various fields after graduation. It is the basis for the development of the world of individual visual thinking, creativity and creative work.

Future career

Competitor, curator, graphic designer, curator, artist, art conservation specialist, art therapist, columnist, etc.

Western Painting major
Chung-Ang University


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